Steelmate TP-90i Pro Bike TPMS

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The Steelmate TP-90I Pro motorcycle tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) requires professional installation of the sensors.

The system comes with 2 professional in tyre sensors and a visual display that must be powered from a 12v ignition fed supply on the bike. The visual display shows the tyre pressures of both tyres in PSI/Bar format in a front and rear scrolling motion. The display provides audible and visual warnings when a tyre pressure drops below or raises above the recommended level. Both sensors come pre paired to the correct wheel position and are labelled for easy installation. The TP-90I Pro can show the motorcycle battery voltage on the visual display.


Operating Frequency: 433.92MHz
Operating Temperature: -20°C - +60°C
Pressure Range: 0-4.5 Bar / 0-65 Psi
8 & 10mm Diameter valve
Battery life >5 years

Operating Frequency: 433.92MHz
Operating Voltage: 12v (+/- 3v)
Operating Temperature: -40°C - +85°C
Suitable for handlebar mounting up to 22mm or display can be removed from holder and stuck on a flat trim

Effective Pressure Monitoring Range 
Pressure Monitoring Range: 21~65 PSI /1.5~4.5 Bar

Pressure Monitoring Range(Adjustable)
The system's Pressure Monitoring Range can be adjusted through changing the Pressure Middle Value (select from 29~51PSI / 2.0~3.5Bar).
The monitoring range is ±30% the mid value selected.
E.g. if mid value is 29 PSI, monitoring range will be 21~38PSI.
If mid value is 51 PSI, monitoring range 36~66 PSI.

Default Value (pre-set in the factory):
Pressure Middle Value: 36 PSI/2.5 Bar
Monitoring Range: 47PSI/3.3Bar ~ 25PSI/1.7Bar
High temperature alarm value: +80℃ / +176℉

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