Steelmate TP-10i internal sensor TPMS

  • R 2,495.00

 TP-10 is a user-friendly DIY TPMS from Steelmate. The system comes with 4 internal sensors and a ACC Powered display which shows in real time the current tyre pressures of all 4 tyres in Bar format.
All sensors come pre-paired to the correct wheel position and are labelled for easy installation, simply replace your current valve with these sensors at a professional tyre dealer
Once a tyre pressure drops below or rises above the recommended level, the display will emit an audible "Beep-Beep-Beep" and visual warnings.
This product is suitable for vehicles with maximum tyre pressure of 3.3 Bar. If your vehicle has tyre pressures above this you will need to consider a system from our professional internal TPMS range.
  • Sensors pre-set in factory, no pairing is needed
  • Wireless transmission, no wire connection is needed
  • Intelligent sleeping mode for power saving
  • High temperature and low battery visual and audible warning
  • Fixed pressure unit (PSI or Bar)
  • Long battery life (≥5 years)
Technical Specifications
Professional Sensor:
  • Military Spec Battery
  • Operating Frequency: 433.92MHz ± 0.05MHz
  • Operating Voltage: 2.0~3.8V
  • Operating Temp.: -40°C~+105°C / -40°F ~ + 221°F
  • Battery Life: ≥5 years
  • Weight: 44g ± 1g

Operating Frequency: 433.92MHz
Operating Voltage: 
Operating Temperature: -40°C - +85°C
Sensor to display distance: 3-5m

Suitable vehicles:
All passenger cars* including 4WD with a tire pressure range between 2-3 bar

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