Steelmate TPMS Sensor Partner

  • R 199.99

Steelmate TPMS Sensor Partner to pair all internal tyre pressure monitoring systems

Please note that this sensor partner does not work on external tyre pressure monitoring systems

The pairing process is as follows:

1. Press the spanner button 5 time in quick succession then you will hear a beep sound - this will signal that you are in pairing mode

2. It will be flashing in the front left tyre,

3. Take the display to the tyre that is flashing and then let out some air from that tyre by letting out some air

4. After about 4-8 seconds there will be a pressure reading on the display,

5. Press the spanner button ONCE, the screen won’t be flashing

6. Then use the arrow button to go to the next tyre and repeat the process

7. Once all 4 tyres are done in the above manner then hold the spanner button down for 4 seconds to save and exit the pairing mode

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