Award Winning Products

In the past decade, Steelmate products won various awards and recognition internationally, including the best parking sensor award in UK from 2006-2011 and Automechanika innovation awards in 2010 and 2012, and more recently, the CES 2016 Innovation Award for TP-90.

CES 2016 Innovation Award

  • Steelmate's TP-90 motorcycle TPMS has won the CES 2016 Innovation Award. 

German Automechanika Innovation Award 2012

  • Steelmate’s TPMS TP-70 won the 2012 Automechanika Innovation Award in Germany second time.

German Automechanika Innovation Award 2010
  • Steelmate All-IN-ONE GSP won 2010 Automechanika Innovation Award in Germany. 
  • ​We are the unique Asian Winner of Automechanika Innovation Award 2010, with other 7 European winners from the group of 147 participating products in 9 categories.


Mobile Electronics News Gold Award from 2006-2011
  • Steelmate parking sensor won the gold awards from the Mobile Electronics News magazine (parking sensor gold award) (formally Car Audio Retailer) from 2006-2011

Other Awards from 2006-2011
PTS200N won the best Parking sensor Awards In Auto Express Magazine in UK in 2006 PTS400I/N won the ICE Award in UK PTS400I/N won the ICE Award in UK (the second time)
Steelmate PTSV401 won "2007" SEMA Global Media Award" SH-300 Bluetooth car kit won "2008 SEMA Global media Award"  

When it comes to product design, Steelmate always adds innovative ideas to make our products more durable, user-friendly and more appealing to the user. That is also the reason why Steelmate has come to be a well-respected and recognised brand in over 90 countries.