Steelmate Blind Spot Detection System

  • R 9,950.00

79GHz Blind Spot Detection System

Model Number: SBS-1


Notice: Need installation by technician 
Color box size: 23*23.3*10 cm
Unit weight: 1.25kg 

- No holes drilling, stick on the inside bumper
- Audible display can be placeed anywhere near the A-pillar (no sticker is needed)
- Easiest Way to Install in BSD product
- Detect range: ~25MPH/5 Meters
- World record: the smallest and lightest BSD
- Saving 30% installation time than others
- Gained FCC/ CE/ EMARK/ NCC certifications
- Product liability and 1 year worldwide warranty
- 79GHz ultrahigh frequency blind spot detection system with high resolution and fast response speed
- Match with 2 microwave sensors for rear corners blind spot area
- Blind spot detection system available while driving
- Detection area: 3*5 meters right & left-rear corner of vehicle
- Visual and audial display with optional buzzer ON/OFF
- Adjustable brightness of display



ECU X1 pc
Display X2 pcs
Microwave sensor X2 pcs
Main harness X1 pc
Display cable X1 pc
Magnet X2 pcs
Alcohol pat X2 pcs
Sensor location calibration tool (Tear our from packaging) X1 pc
Sensor locator card (Tear our from packaging) X1 pc
Manual X1 pc