Steelmate DIY TP-92 Wireless Bike / Trailer TPMS external sensor

  • R 1,599.00

The Steelmate TP-92 DIY motorcycle tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) can be easily installed within half an hour.

The system comes with 2 screw on sensors and a visual display that shows in real time the current tyre pressures of both tyres in PSI/Bar format in a front and back scrolling motion. The visual display provides audible and visual warnings when a tyre pressure drops below or raises above the recommended level. Both sensors come pre-paired to the correct wheel position and are labelled for easy installation, simply screw the sensors onto the motorcycle valve stem then lock in place with the provided locknut and tool.

Key Features and benefits
  • Power-saving design, i.e. display dims 25s after power on or by pressing the SET button
  • Waterproof and dustproof display
  • Stylish display can be securely mounted on handle bar or firmly stick on dash
  • Adjustable display bracket supplied in box
  • Tyre pressure threshold adjustable 
  • Choice of pressure & temperature units (PSI / Bar , ℃ / ℉)
  • Wireless - No cabling - only 2 x AAA batteries needed
  • Replaceable sensor battery with CR1632
  • No tyre balance needed
  • The system will be paired and activated once the motorcycle is over 20km/hr


Operating Frequency: 433.92MHz
Operating Voltage: 1.8~3.3V
Operating current:≤18mA
Battery Type: CR1632
Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ +60°C /-4°F ~ +140°C

Operating Frequency: 433.92MHz +/- 15KHz
Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ +70°C /-40°F ~ +158°C

Effective Pressure Monitoring Range 
Pressure Monitoring Range: 1.5~4.5 Bar

Pressure Monitoring Range(Adjustable)
The system's Pressure Monitoring Range can be adjusted through changing the Pressure Middle Value (select from 29~51PSI / 2.0~3.5Bar).
The monitoring range is ±30% the mid value selected.
E.g. if mid value is 29 PSI, monitoring range will be 21~38PSI.
If mid value is 51 PSI, monitoring range 36~66 PSI.

Default Value (pre-set in the factory):
Pressure Middle Value: 36 PSI/2.5 Bar
Monitoring Range: 47PSI/3.3Bar ~ 25PSI/1.7Bar
High temperature alarm value: +80℃ / +176℉

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