Steelmate TP-V3 I | 6 Wheel Internal TPMS for 4-wheel Vehicle/+Trailer

  • R 3,299.99
  • Save R 699.01

Key Features

  • Fit for 4~12 wheels, for 4-wheel vehicle + trailer or Light Truck
  • Ideal for ultra low pressure monitoring - monitors from 0,8 bar without alarm
  • Can be used for ultralow tire pressure vehicle 
  • Adjustable alarm threshold value of tyre pressure & temperature
  • Match with 6 external sensors
  • Multi color solar-powered display
  • Sensor pressure range: 0~7.9 Bar / 0~115 PSI
  • Waterproof compact-size repeater is available at R399 incl vat
  • Adjustable display duration time of each axle
  • Optional Micro USB input
  • Max. 14 tires available (2 in steering wheels, 12 in other 3 axle trees)
  • Pressure threshold value of each axles can be adjusted separately
  • Smart auto adjust backlit brightness
  • Intelligent sleeping mode for power saving
  • Pre-programmed sensors, no pairing is needed
  • Low power consumption in sensor



  • Operating frequency:                       433.92MHz ± 0.05MHz
  • Operating Voltage:                            2.0~3.3V
  • Operating Current:                            12mA
  • Static current:                                   0.5μA
  • Operating temperature:                   -20°C~+80°C
  • Storage temperature:                      -40°C~+80°C
  • Battery Specification:                       Military Spec Maxell
  • Battery Lifetime:                               ≥5 years
  • Weight:                                             

Alarm Values

  • Alarm Value:
    Adjustable High pressure value:      2.6~7.9Bar

    Adjustable Low pressure value:        0.9~3.9Bar

    Adjustable High temperature value:    70~90°C 
  • Default value:
    High pressure value:   3.3Bar
    Low Pressure value:   1.7Bar 
    High temperature value:   80°C

Note: The alarm pressure value suggest to be±25% of recommended tire pressure

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