Steelmate 2 in 1 Tyre Inflator and Jump Starter - SP1

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Product description

STEEL MATE Portable Multifunctional Tire Inflator and Jump Starter

STEEL MATE Portable Multifunctional Tire Inflator and Jump Starter------A Great Partner for Your Car & Home

This portable&cordless air compressor with accurate digital display will definitely simplify your life

More than a tire inflator: It’s also an 8800mAh battery bank for charging devices, a flashlight and Jump starter

Meeting your multi-purpose inflating demands,

Keeping your car always under utmost performance!

Think safety think STEEL MATE!

tire inflator


  • The battery air pump features the LCD digital display which can clearly display the measured pressure and the preset pressure. The real-time pressure changes during inflation so you can monitor the tire pressure at all times.
  • The electric tire inflator has 4 optional units including PSI, BAR, KPA, Kg/cm², with 5 different scene modes that achieve a more powerful and intelligent inflating ability, suitable for cars, bikes, motorcycles, and balls, and other inflatables.
  • The air pump integrates practicality and aesthetics, with emergency LED flashlight design, hose storage design, free carrying bag, multi-nozzle standard, etc.
  • The maximum pressure value of the electric air pump is 8.3Bar. For applicability and safety considerations, The adjustable pressure range in different scene modes is not the same.
  • Note: The SP1 nozzle tube will get hot after long time use, especially at the connection with the air pump.


Car Mode——Default pressure 2.5 Bar——Adjust range 0.3-6.0Bar

Motorcycle Mode——Default pressure 2.4Bar——Adjust range 1.8-3.0Bar

Bike Mode——Default pressure 2.1Bar——Adjust range 0.3-9.99Bar

Ball Mode——Default pressure 0.6Bar——Adjust range 0.27-1.09Bar

Tips: 1Bar=14.5PSI=100kPa=1.02kg/cm²

tire inflator

Page list


Air hose*1

Battery clip*1


Type-C cable*1

User manual-1

Storage bag-1


Lighting mode

LED Lighting

This wireless air pump has LED lighting, and then you can still inflate your beloved car in a dark outdoor or environment without feeling helpless because of a flat tire.


Power bank

Power bank

With a power bank function, this auto-off inflator is ideal for charging up your mobile devices on the go.


JUMP STARTER-Only fuel truck emergency start is supported

Jump Starter


Built-in battery capacity 8800mAh
Size 5.9"×5.07"×1.47"
USB Type-C Input 5V/2A
USB Type-C output 5V/2.1A
Weight 0.66kg
Air hose lehgh 50cm
Maximum inflatable pressure 8.3Bar/120Psi
Inflation rate 0~2.5Bar/36Psi≤6minutes @ 195/60/R15 tire
Pressure precision

±0.1Bar/±2Psi(Inflation) ±0.01Bar/±1Psi(Display)

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