Steelmate Automotive Truck Tyre Pressure Monitoring System TP-83 Pro

  • R 7,499.00

Key Features:
Special for truck (12~24V)
External truck sensor
Sensor pressure range: 0~14.0Bar / 0~203 PSI
Max.10 tires in tractor and max.20 tires in trailer available
Waterproof compact-size repeater included (IP rating: IPX7)
Sensor in trailer can be paired automatically when repeater matches with display
Built-in TPMS sensor partner with dry battery power
Adjustable backlight brightness
Real–time tractor and trailer sensor data can be shown separately
Sensor preset in factory, no pairing is needed
Low power consumption in sensor
Replaceable sensor battery (CR2050HR)
Sensor with wide range of operating temperature

Tire serial number on display scrolls every 2 seconds to show the tire pressure & temperature of corresponding tire
The tire status will be recorded automatically once abnormal tire happened
Intelligent sleeping mode for power saving
Adjustable threshold value of tire pressure & temperature
Convertible pressure & temperature unit (PSI / Bar, ℃/ ℉)
Visual and audible warning
High tire temperature warning
Low sensor battery warning
Sensor failure warning
Leakage warning

Technical Specifications:
Operating Frequency:
Operating Voltage:
Operating current:
Static current:
Operating Temp.:
-40℃~+105℃/ -40℉~ + 221℉
Storage Temp:
-40℃~+125℃/ -40℉~ + 257℉
Battery Model:
Battery Life:
Operating Frequency:
433.92MHz ±0.05MHz
Operating Voltage:
Operating Temp:
-20℃~ +70℃/ -4℉~ +158℉
Storage Temp:
-40℃~+125℃/ -40℉~ + 257℉
Operating Frequency:
433.92MHz ±0.05MHz
Operating Voltage:
Operating Temp.:
-20℃~+85℃/ -4℉~ + 185℉
Storage Temp:
-40℃~+125℃/ -40℉~ + 257℉

Alarm Value:
Adjustable High pressure value:
4.0~13.9 Bar /58~202 Psi
Adjustable Low pressure value:
1.0~9.0 Bar / 15~131Psi
Adjustable High temperature value:
70~99℃/ 158~210℉
Default value:
High pressure value:
10.0 Bar / 145Psi
Low Pressure value:
7.0 Bar / 101 Psi
High temperature value:
80 ℃/ 176℉
Note: The alarm pressure value suggest to be±25% of recommended tire pressure.

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